southwest 3rd street

Client: City of Fruitland (2012-2013)

Fruitland 1.png

HMH was selected by the City of Fruitland and LHTAC to perform the CE&I services for this federally funded project. HMH coordinated with the design firm throughout the project ensuring that questions and conflicts were handled effectively. This project included total roadway reconstruction and widening of a 0.5 mile section of urban roadway which runs through the middle of downtown Fruitland and includes numerous businesses. The project was constructed in 3 phases and has a total construction cost of $2.3 million.  The project included massive stormwater infiltration beds constructed of perforated pipe and drain rock which covered over ¼ acre of area in total.

 This Project Included:
⦁    ¾ Mile of Storm Sewer Pipe
⦁    Storm sewer system with extensive conflicts with sanitary sewer, gas lines, water lines and other utilities
⦁    Subsurface infiltration system
⦁    Extensive Public Involvement
⦁    SWPPP implementation and inspection