Deep Creek Bridge #2 

Client: Boundary County (2013)

Deep Creek 1.jpg

HMH worked with the LHTAC and Boundary County on the reconstruction of a functionally obsolete bridge across Deep Creek near Naples, Idaho.  This project included the installation of 18” shell piling and the construction of new cast-in-place concrete abutments and wing walls.  The deck of the new bridge was constructed using pre-stressed tri-deck girders.  The existing roadway on each side of the bridge was reconstructed to accommodate the width of the new bridge.  A sheet pile wall was installed at the SE corner of the bridge to allow the roadway section to be widened without encroaching on the existing stream.  Other work on the project included new asphalt paving, guardrail at each corner of the bridge and riprap along the sheet pile wall and bridge abutments.  

This Project Included:
⦁    Removal of existing bridge and parapet
⦁    Construction of new abutments and wing walls
⦁    Placement of rip rap along the sheet pile wall and along the new abutments
⦁    Placement of pre-stressed tri-deck girders
⦁    Construction of a sheet pile retaining wall
⦁    Construction of a new roadway section using granular borrow and ¾” aggregate
⦁    Waterproofing membrane on the bridge deck and new asphalt paving
⦁    Installation of guardrail