E. Canyon Rd Guardrail & Cow Cr Rd Guardrail 

Client: East Side HD & Bonner County (2016)

E Canyon Rd Guardrail and Cow Cr 1.jpg

HMH worked with Bonner County, the East Side HD and the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council on these safety project that consisted of installing new guardrail and terminals on sections of E. Canyon Rd and Cow Cr Rd.  The narrow width and a history of accidents justified the need for this project. Over a mile of guardrail and end terminals were installed.  HMH re-designed one of the guardrail terminals, utilizing concrete guardrail, to avoid a utility conflict that was discovered during construction. HMH worked with the Contractor and the County to layout the installation guardrail and provided project management and inspection for this project.   

This Project Included:
⦁    Standard guardrail installation
⦁    Type 10 and 1A guardrail end terminals
⦁    Concrete Guardrail Installation