gis mapping

Integrating with the latest technology, HMH GIS houses the capabilities of bringing this service to you in a affordable and useful manner that creates efficiency and focus to your internal planning objectives.

Geographic information is the key to better decision making.  Just about everything a community, business or agency does, whether in the day to day or long term planning is related to its geography.  Understanding your surroundings can be difficult unless they can be organized in an interactive and visual environment.  We specialize in providing this to you in a user friendly online platform viewable on desktop and mobile devices. 

We work with our clients and support staff to help them better understand its concept but most importantly how to use GIS to be useful to their organization.  Below is a list of the services we offer

  • GIS project management and technical support
  • Needs Assessment Report preparation
  • Zoning map preparation
  • Street map preparation for snow removal
  • Parcel mapping
  • Sanitary sewer mapping
  • Storm sewer mapping
  • Watershed map compilation for hydrologic studies
  • Emergency evacuation plan preparation
  • Road program mapping plans for municipalities
  • GPS field locations
  • Gas Mapping
  • Waterline Mapping
  • Fire hydrant Mapping

For more information on GIS and how you can benefit from our services please feel free to contact our GIS Manager, Matt Cudmore at 208-635-5825,