iowa avenue, payette, idaho

Client: City of Payette (2011-2012)

Iowa Ave 2.jpg

This reconstruction project was a federally-funded, urban roadway project sponsored by the City of Payette and administered by LHTAC. HMH was hired to perform the CE&I services for the project. The project was designed by another firm and HMH coordinated with them throughout the duration of the project when questions or conflicts arose related to the construction plans. The project included total roadway reconstruction and widening of a 0.5 mile section of outdated county roadway, located within an urban section of town with numerous residences and a newly built middle school. Weekly meetings were held to solicit concerns of the residences. These meetings addressed the needs of local residents and were used to coordinate between the Contractor, Agencies and Consultant. The project was completed in June 2012 with a total construction cost of $1.5 million.

This Project Included:
 Right-of-Way Acquisition
⦁    Design and construction of irrigation system for 9 parcels
⦁    Storm sewer system with extensive conflicts with sanitary sewer, gas lines, water lines and other utilities
⦁    Subsurface infiltration system
⦁    4,000SF of MSE retaining walls
⦁    Upgrades to potable water system and fire hydrants
⦁    Rapid flashing beacon and pedestrian crossing for adjacent school
⦁    SWPPP implementation and inspection