Middle Fork of the Boise River Road, Atlanta Area Floods 

Client: Atlanta Highway District (2014)


Middle Fork Boise RV RD.jpg

HMH worked with the Atlanta Highway District and the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council on this Emergency Repair Project. This project involved rebuilding ~1400’ of roadway that had been washed out by a large debris flow. The river was diverted through the debris flow and the elevation of the new road was raised 7-10 feet by constructing a retaining wall along the entire length of the project. HMH was responsible for the day to day planning and construction of this emergency repair. HMH worked closely with all stakeholders and communicated directly with them to ensure that the project was a success.

This Project Included:
⦁    Road Reconstruction
⦁    Construction of a 7.5’ X 1400’ MSE Block Wall
 River re-alignment
⦁    Extensive Environmental Coordination