municipal improvement

Water Distribution System Analysis and Design is a service we provide to governmental agencies and private operators of water distribution systems. We have sized main extensions to deliver required domestic and fire flow demands. Our staff has the proficiency required to perform system analysis. The resulting data makes it possible to identify the low pressure and low flow areas and then to design system improvements to correct those problem areas.

Storm Sewer System improvement, design, and development of construction documents for municipal governments are services we provide. These types of projects are approached much like the storm drainage improvement projects. These projects take on many forms from a few hundred to many thousands of feet of pipe. However, one thing all the municipal storm sewer projects have in common is that they are located in highly congested areas. The office and field staff of HMH Engineering is trained to be aware of potential conflicts. We insure that these conflicts are properly identified and located so that they can be avoided and/or the project impacts can be mitigated during the design process.

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