Old County Road 

Client: Benewah County (2014-2015)

Old County Bridge 1.jpg

HMH Engineering worked with the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council and Sletten Construction Company on the replacement of Old County Road Bridge over the St.Maries River in Fernwood, Idaho. The existing bridge was structurally deficient and not properly aligned with the existing roadway.  The new, 260’ long, three span bridge, was constructed on a new alignment that created safer roadway conditions for the traveling public.  The new bridge was constructed using pre-stressed bulb tee girders and voided slabs.  Work on this project included the installation of h piling foundations using cofferdams, construction of concrete piers and abutments, embankment construction and the installation of a two-tube rail parapet.  Other work completed on this project include the installation of a heated/insulated 10” waterline under the bridge superstructure, new ADS culverts for drainage, a gabion retaining wall, new guardrail and obliteration of the existing roadway on each side of the existing bridge.  

 This Project Included:
⦁    Reconstruction of private approaches
⦁    Removal of the existing bridge
⦁    Full-depth reconstruction of the roadway surface on each side       of the new bridge
⦁    Installation of new culverts and drainage ditches and new water services that tie into the new ductile iron waterline on each side of the bridge