pleasant valley creek bridge

Client: Clark County (2015-2016)


This project was a state-funded rehabilitation of a 450 ft cantilever truss bridge sponsored by Clark County.

The scope of the project included the removal and replacement of the bridge deck, approach span, concrete rail, wing walls, and portions of the abutments.  HMH worked with the design engineer and the LHTAC to reach solutions for additional repairs, address constructability questions, and make improvements to the long term durability of the structure. Safeguarding the existing structure and reproducing the historic appearance were of great importance.  A complex staging plan was followed to protect the structure.  This, in conjunction with the load rating of the structure, created challenges for both construction and scheduling.  

The contractor created a system of customizable forms to construct the decorative concrete rail in a way that closely resembled the original.  Change orders were executed to include additional concrete repairs to the project.  This allowed unsound concrete to be removed and replaced in one of the back walls and retaining walls and an epoxy injection to repair an approach-span girder.  Other challenges of this project came from the remote location and limited weather windows associated with being atop a mountain pass.  The project was completed in the summer of 2016.

 This Project Included:
⦁    Removal and replacement of :
⦁    Bridge Deck
⦁    Approach Span
⦁    Wing Walls
⦁    Decorative Concrete Rail
⦁    Slider Pins
⦁    Extended wing walls and new guardrail for safety
⦁    Repair of an approach span girder
⦁    Improve drainage