red bridge 

Client: Whitebird Highway District (2012)


HMH is provided project administration and CE&I services for the replacement of historic Red Bridge over the environmentally sensitive Whitebird Creek in Central Idaho.  This project had strict timelines for in stream work due to anadromous fish and was completed in late September 2012.

Mr. Hall was the lead inspector for Red Bridge, an LHTAC project, which was constructed for the Whitebird Highway District.  Mr. Hall was the full-time onsite inspector and oversaw 100% of the work performed. This project involved removing the existing truss bridge and replacing it with a two-lane, pre-stressed concrete bridge. During this project, Mr. Hall’s structural experience enabled him to identify problems with plan elevations and recommend corrective action well in advance of the concrete being poured.  Jacob was able to communicate these conflicts with the project management and design team, providing a time and cost savings to the project.  Additional work for this project included installing gabion baskets, cast-in-place concrete guardrail, installing pipe culverts, painting of the old bridge, placement of asphalt, and embankment construction. This project was constructed within a specific work window due to fish passage in Whitebird Creek.