Shoshone County Road Remediation 

Client: Shoshone County

Shoshone Co Rd Remediation.jpg

Shoshone County receives funding from the Coeur d’Alene trust annually to remove and replace the existing asphalt and top portion of base of their roads in order to remediate and contain any contaminates from beneath the base. This work was in conjunction with the Silver Valley remediation program conducted by Panhandle Health which meant that the work had to be conducted in such a manner as to not spread any contaminates from the roadway prism. HMH provided design plans and construction inspection for the County. During inspection, HMH coordinated with contractor, County, and testing personnel in order to complete the work efficiently. During construction, unforeseen issues arose and were dealt with on a daily basis which included hidden utility valves and changes in asphalt thickness. HMH inspectors completed daily inspection reports as well as quantity tracking and reported all information to the County and DEQ. 
This Project Included:
⦁    Design of construction plans for approved roads
⦁    Removal of asphalt and upper portion of base
⦁    Construction of new asphalt and base for roads
⦁    Inspection and documentation for quality assurance
⦁    Quantity and budget tracking for County records