HMH land surveying department relies on simple, effective management principles, highly qualified and versatile personnel and strict adherence to well-defined work protocols.  With an internal land surveying department, we set our own priorities and can mobilize our survey crew quickly, introducing time-savings into project schedules. We understand the site conditions and issues that are likely to be encountered and we can conduct field recon during or prior to scoping to provide accurate pricing and scheduling proposals. Our survey and engineering staff work together, and we offer a team-centered approach to finding solutions.  

Our Land Surveying Services Include:

•Topographic Survey

•Boundary, Cadastral Surveys

•Subdivision Layouts and Surveys

•Legal Descriptions, Research, Recording

•Construction Staking

•Right-of-Way Surveys

•Parcel Splits

•FEMA Elevation Certificates

•Negotiations for Property Acquisition

•Property Ownership and Easement Research

•Coordination and Control for Aerial Surveys

•GPS Database Input and Management

•ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

•Alignment Studies

•Resource Surveys

•As-Built Surveys

•GIS Surveys




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