Timbergrove storm sewer improvements

Client: City of Houston, Texas (2004-2005)

Timbergrove Storm Sewer 2.jpg

Eric Olson of HMH Engineering spent nearly a full year of his early career working on the Timbergrove Storm Sewer Improvements project while employed by CivilTech Engineering in Houston, Texas.  The project was part of the City of Houston’s Storm Water Management Program, implemented by the City after Tropical Storm Allison dumped as much as 28 inches of rain over the City in a 12-hour period, resulting in 22 deaths and more than $5 billion in property damages in what many consider the worst urban flood in US history.  

The Timbergrove system was in a well-established part of town and property acquisition to the degree needed to provide the necessary detention was not practical.  The solution was to oversize the conveyance system and restrict the outfall, providing “in-line” detention.  Concrete box sewers as large as 8’x5’ were installed below reconstructed streets.  The performance of the new system was modeled using traditional “hand-calculations” and a dynamic model utilizing the XP-SWMM software package.

This Project Included:
⦁    Delineation of urban drainage areas
⦁    Storm sewer design using Excel and XP-SWMM
⦁    In-line detention in storm sewers
⦁    Custom drainage structures
⦁    Salvaging of existing storm sewers
⦁    Water main replacements
⦁    Street repairs and reconstruction