webb road

Client: Nez Perce County (2015)


HMH worked with Nez Perce County and the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council on this $3 million road reconstruction project that included over a mile of total road reconstruction with a new alignment and the addition of a passing lane through the construction of over 16,000 square feet of welded wire wall. 
Additional project elements included culvert replacement, culvert structural lining, multi-plate 9 foot diameter cattle crossing in a deep fill, repair of soft spots, rock blasting, and multi-lift paving. This project was completed in an accelerated schedule with close coordination with adjacent land owners, Nez Perce County, and environmental and tribal representatives.

This Project Included:
⦁    Full Depth Road Reconstruction with Realignment
⦁    Over 79,000 CY of Excavation
⦁    Culvert Lining
⦁    Culvert Installation
 Metal and Concrete Guardrail and Terminals
⦁    Over 16,000 SF of MSE Wall
⦁    Construction of a Reinforced Soil Slope
⦁    9‘ Diameter Cattle Underpass
⦁    Culvert Structural Lining