West Pedestrian Bridge 

Client: Garden City (2015)

West ped Br 2.jpg

This construction project was a federally funded, pedestrian bridge project sponsored by Garden City and administered by ITD District 3. HMH Engineering was teamed with T-O Engineers to perform the CE&I services for the project. This project involved the installation of a 180’ by 12’ prefabricated steel truss bridge across the Boise River and a new paved pathway in Garden City. The project also included in water work requiring coffer dams, dewatering, and two settling ponds, each pond was 60’ by 30’. Scheduling on this project was key as the owner supplied multiple items to be used. HMH handled all the scheduling for the owner supplied items. This project was completed in 2015 with a construction cost of 719 thousand dollars.

This Project Included:
⦁    Strict in water work time frame
⦁    Paved pathway
⦁    Armored maintenance ramp
⦁    Riprap placement
⦁    New ornamental fencing
⦁    SWPPP implementation and inspection